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  • If you haven't registered Print Checks, the program is a demo. You may download and evaluate the program without any obligation for as long as you like. The demo gives you the opportunity to try the program before purchasing. As long as the program is in demo mode printing is disabled, but a print preview is available. The cost to register Print Checks is only $12.95 US Dollars.

    PayPal is a secure way of purchasing Print Checks on the Web. A PayPal account is not required. Click the PayPal link below to register. After registering, we email the steps to unlock the demo. You'll have a fully functioning program in no time!

    Please note that besides the demo limitations, the demo is identical to the registered version of the program. Once you have been given a registration code no refunds will be issued. Therefore it is important that you install the demo and are satisfied before registering.
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