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  • If you haven't registered Members Boss for Windows, the program is a demo. You may download and evaluate the program without any obligation for as long as you like. The demo gives you the opportunity to try the program before purchasing. As long as the program is in demo mode there are limitations. It is limited in that it will not allow you to enter your Organization name and address or access any fields in the Organizational Info until you register your copy. Additionally, you are limited to 20 Members Form records and you won't be able to print, but a Print Preview will appear.
    Bitness: 32 bit
    Released: September 18th, 2017
    Size: 8.24 MB
    Windows Version: 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
    Works on Windows 32-bit: Yes
    Works on Windows 64-bit: Yes
    Download: Setup.exe
    If you have already installed Members Boss for Windows 3.0, you can click "Help" and choose "Check for Update" to obtain updates.
    Installing: To add the software to your computer, click a download link above. Choose to run it. If you get a warning, click Run. If you get a warning about making change to your computer, choose Yes. The Setup Wizard will appear, click Next. Click "I accept the agreement" and click Next. The information screen will appear, click Next. The "Select Destination Location" screen will appear, click Next. The "Completing the Setup Wizard" screen will appear, click Finish. A desktop icon will be created. Use that to open the program.
    Uninstalling: To remove the software, go into Control Panel, click Programs, choose Uninstall a program, click the program, click Uninstall.

    Version History
    Added Filter Receipts button to Members Form
    Fixed Setup to read previous registry values when installing
    Centered overdue reminders dialog
    Added repair to Help, Open Repair menu
    Added option to change alternating grid row color
    Added option to change selected color
    Issue with Planner freezing up
    Anniversary Label Access Violation fixed
    Fixed problem with receipt contributions report: not printing church name, address and letter
    New installation software.
    Fixed order of report submenus in top menu
    Tab on last column of member receipts grid inserts new record
    Fixed receipt by receipt code report
    Fixed print preview buttons
    Fixed issues with Attendance report
    Fixed Receipts by Batch
    Fixed Receipts by Category
    Fixed Receipts by Date
    Change date boxes on Book Tape, Member Images
    Member Form reports for receipts to individually listed and totals
    Preview to have more room for total pages
    Added name to summary on Receipt Contributions Report
    Fixed All Time to show receipts correctly when Member Form opens
    Updated top menu with images and larger font size
    Resize menu and button images based on resolution
    Changed some date boxes