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  • If you haven't registered Just Checking for Mac, the program is a demo. You may download and evaluate the program without any obligation for as long as you like. The demo gives you the opportunity to try the program before purchasing. As long as the program is in demo mode there are limitations. Only 20 transactions per file are permitted and printing is disabled, but a print preview is available.

    Version 3.0.4 Released on April 30th 2018


    • OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
    • OS X 10.9 Mavericks
    • OS X 10.10 Yosemite
    • OS X 10.11 El Capitan
    • macOS 10.12 Sierra
    • MacOS 10.13 High Sierra

    Download Demo

    justchecking.pkg 11.90 MB

    After the download finishes, open Finder and click your Download folder. Double-click justchecking.pkg to start the installation. The installation will put Just Checking for Mac in your Launchpad. If you want to make an icon on your dock for quicker future access, right-click the Just Checking icon on your dock, choose Options and click Keep in Dock.


    Just Checking for Mac Manual:justcheckinghelp.pdf 1.77 MB

    Purchase using Mac App Store

    Purchase Just Checking for Mac using Mac App Store

    After the program is installed from the Mac App Store Mac App Store, click the Launchpad icon and double-click the Just Checking icon. If you want to make an icon on your dock for quicker future access, right-click the Just Checking icon on your dock, choose Options and click Keep in Dock.

    Purchase using PayPal

    Purchase Just Checking for Mac using PayPal

    If you purchase through PayPal, we will be notified. As soon as we are notified, we will email you registration steps to make the program fully functional.


    To remove the software, go into Finder, click Application, click the Just Checking icon and continue to hold the mouse button, drag the icon to the trash on your dock.



    • Added "Always use Income, Expense Colors" in Preferences


    • Fixed toolbar in check editor
    • Fixed issues with invalid signature image
    • Added Registration to Just Checking menu bar


    • Fixed MICR so order is routing number, account number, check number


    • Added Report List dialog
    • Added Payees Report
    • Added Memos Report
    • Set margins for Checkbook Register Report
    • Added option for leading zeros in check printing
    • Fixed issue with Account Profile dialog showing behind Print Checks dialog
    • Fixed issue with double-clicking file to open


    • Updated Help file
    • Fixed File, Save As
    • Fixed some settings for Personal Size Check (Letter 8.5 in x 11 in)

    2.6.0 Beta 14

    • Fixed code that printed differently than preview
    • Added margin option to check profile wizard
    • Added Voucher option to Business Size Check (Letter 8.5 in x 11 in)

    2.6.0 Beta 2

    • Ability to edit Pay Types, Payees, Memos.
    • Added better lookup for Pay Types, Payees, Memos on transaction dialog.
    • Check Printing: Added Account Profiles and Check Profiles
    • Edit all check account info in account profile (Signature, Personal, Banking, Routing, Account, Fractional).
    • Edit all check layout settings in check profile (Border, Color, Size, Font, Lines, Labels, Positions).
    • Reoccuring transactions (Due option)
    • Register font, font size, row height.
    • Fixed issue with some dialogs opening on another monitor when secondary monitor attached./li>
    • Reworked check printing screen with more options and better layout. Print cleared, uncleared, all.
    • Changed balance column to Actual and added new Bank column. Added Beginning and Outstanding to totals area.
    • Fixed issue where help file wasn't being deployed with installation.
    • Added command to add a new transaction using Cmd + A
    • When opening file, bottom transaction is selected
    • Windows such as the main, due, items, check printing, help are resizable and save their height, width.


    • Program redesign.
    • Fixed Pay Type issue when editing transactions
    • Bug fixes and improvements to Import
    • Added Find dialog: Find First, Find Next, Case Sensitive
    • Added Preferences dialog: Income color, Expense Color, Alternating Rows
    • Added New, Open, Save to File menu
    • Added option to print blank checks
    • Check printing bug fixes and several improvements and features added


    • Fixed slow speed
    • Delete go to closest transaction when done
    • Copy goes to the closest transaction when done


    • Added option to edit templates
    • Added options to add a new template based on default templates
    • Added option to delete template
    • Added option to add template from file
    • Added option to save template to file
    • Added option to copy template as a new template
    • Added option to rename template
    • Reworked the check printing to have more templates
    • Enhanced signature on templates
    • Created wallet size template
    • Added option to import QIF, QFX, OFX, JCK, JC3, TXT, CSV files under File, Import
    • Added Signature option for check printing
    • Added Advanced button to further customize check templates


    • Added option to set a file password
    • Column widths now save
    • Sort a column by clicking title (clicking move up / down disables auto sort)


    • Added Font Size to preferences
    • Fixed issue with calculating check number


    • Fixed problem with Open and Save commands on 10.7.5 systems (non App Store version)


    • New icon for jck files


    • Added option to change select color in Preferences
    • Fixed problem with save not adding jck to file name