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  • Members Boss for Web is a web-based application for managing your church or organization.

    The site is protected with a security certificate so your connections are encrypted.

    It is compatible with any modern web browser including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

    You can even access it from your phone or tablet.

    Easy to learn and easy to use.

    It is an extremely powerful and sophisticated contact management web application. However, the site is easy for users with little prior computer experience. In addition, we have email help just in case there may be an occasional quick question that needs to be answered.

    Members Boss gives you the ability to easily manage all your members without a huge learning curve.

    Members Boss understands good stewardship. It was created to put you in control of all member information, day-to-day time-control planning, mailings, and reports.
    Members Boss Web Login
    Members Boss Web Login screen
    Members Boss Web Member
    Members Boss Web Member screen
    Members Boss Web Add Receipt
    Members Boss Web Add or Edit receipt screen
    Members Boss Web Edit Receipt Types
    Members Boss Web Edit Receipt Types screen
    Members Boss Web Edit Categories
    Members Boss Web Edit Categories screen
    Members Boss Web Find Member
    Members Boss Web Find Member screen