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About Just Checking for Windows

Just Checking for Windows is easy-to-use checkbook software for tracking transactions, balancing accounts, and printing checks. The interface resembles a checkbook register. Each transaction details the date, pay type, check number, payee, memo, transaction amount, actual balance, bank balance, and the date the transaction cleared the bank.
Just Checking Main Screen checkbook software
The transaction dialog gives users an intuitive way to enter information.
Add Transaction Dialog
You can print reports such as a checkbook register report.
Print Preview
The checkbook register can be sorted by multiple columns.
Multicolumn Sorting
You can set up reoccurring transactions.
Reoccurring Transactions
You can run expense reports such as the Memo Expense report.
Expense Report
You can also print checks.
Print Checks Dialog
If you need to make changes to the way checks print, you can use the edit option to change the templates.
Edit Checks